About The Artist

Sunfluff is a budding artist who happens to love the world of volleyball. Her interest in volleyball was first piqued by Haikyū!!, and subsequently, she started watching actual volleyball games during the initial wave of of Covid pandemic as a way to pass time. She started sharing her art on Instagram account just to chronicle her times during the Covid lockdown periods. Sunfluff loves the values that the sport of volleyball embody: Teamwork, Tenacity, Strength & Determination. She hopes that athletes and spectators will continue to grow and further the volleyball community to new heights, with opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to participate in the sport alike.

Fun Facts About Sunfluff:

- Bought her first volleyball in 2021 
- Started to formally learn the sport in 2022
- Her Instagram username was the first option given by a random generator of two English words

Check out Sunfluff's Instagram: @Sunfluff